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One of the most powerful scripts that should be in every webmasters toolbox. So simple and fast to set-up, you'll hardly believe it. A "URL Rotator" is by far one of the best marketing tools on the internet today.

The basic principle is to create a rotator portal and place several different url's (website pages) into the portal. Then everytime someone visits the portal page the urls will be rotated and the visitor will be transparently redirected to the next url in the list. You then only have to promote one page/url (the portal), rather than many!

If you are trying to promote several websites, webpages, affiliate programs or products, this tool will save you a huge amount of time and effort, aswell as saving you money on advertising costs. Use it to test your landing pages so you can tweak your advertising campaigns to increase your advertising ROI. The script is flexible enough that it has many applications wherever web traffic distribution is needed.

Uses of our Url Rotator Software:

  • Avoid dead-links Once your ebook is published you can't edit any of the embedded links in it - unless you link to a Portal instead of using direct links! Then you can simply change the destination at any time! Now if the affiliate product or link you are promoting expires you can simply switch the destination with a new one.
  • Hiding affiliate links - Reduces your risk of affiliate link hijacking. Instead of linking directly to your affiliate link, you can set up a Portal/Destination for it. Now nobody will be able to tell that its an affiliate link until after they've already clicked on it. This means they will be cookied and you will receive all the commissions you deserve.
  • Co-Op Campaigns - Build a Portal and create a destination for each of your members. Now just send traffic to the portal to automatically distribute it amongst your downline.
  • Improves your branding - all Portal links appear to be on www.yourdomain.com
  • Many other uses - The script can be used anytime you need to rotate traffic amongst a set of links. How about rotating your favorite daily links from a single bookmark on your browser toolbar. How about providing a single link to rotate file mirrors. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and needs.

Feature List:
  • NEW: Improved Template-Driven Interface The script uses a template system so that you can change the colors, fonts, design, and appearance of the script. Several color-schemes are included in the script already. Editing the templates requires HTML knowledge, CSS and PHP knowledge will be beneficial.
  • NEW: Multi-Language Support The script now support multiple languages so you can now easily translate all terms/phrases to your native language. Other internationalization features include user-specified date and number formatting options, so users can specify how dates and numbers should be presented to them.
  • NEW: Popup Help Popup help is included to assist understanding the terms and options used in the script.
  • NEW: Traffic Diversion Options This feature allows administrators to divert an amount of traffic from a Member's Portal to a URL of the administrator's choosing.
  • NEW: Daily Max Hits This optional feature allows you to specify how many hits a URL can receive on each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.)
  • Unlimited Portals The demo has limits in place which can be set in the configuration file.
  • Unlimited Destinations You can add as many Destinations to your Portals as required. The demo has limits in place just like Portals.
  • Optimized PHP/MySQL code For extremely fast processing.
  • Secure Admin Control panel Administrator account can view all destinations, add/edit/delete members, make backups, etc. Included is a lost login retrieval script.
  • Counts Hits to each URL See the number of hits that have passed to your Portals and Destination URLs. Useful for measuring your campaign performance.
  • Painless Installation We even provide Flash based tutorials that cover the main steps.
  • Weighted distribution of traffic to your links You decide how much traffic each Destination should receive - give a Destination a higher weight to have it used more often than the rest. The rotation method used in the script is not "chance/random" based! We use a superior method of rotation so that your Destination receive exactly the ratio/amount of traffic you specify.
  • Unlimited user accounts Now you can run the script on your server and give your members their own rotators!
  • User Levels User Levels provide a convenient way to set a member's Max Portals, Max Destinations per Portal, and Traffic Diversion Interval values. You can create as many different User Levels as required, one for each different type of member.
  • Runs on your server Don't need to rely on other people's services which are ongoing costs, and have restrictions on what content you can rotate. Most importantly: YOUR DATA STAYS PRIVATE!
  • Portal URLs are based on yourdomain.com So you promote your own domain instead of a 3rd party rotator service's domain.
  • Doesn't use frames. Instead it uses standard HTTP which will work for all compliant browsers on all operating systems.
  • Bulk Additions Great time saving feature allows you to add numerous urls to the rotator at once!
  • Start/Expiration Times This is a very powerful feature! Set an active time period for any destination url. They won't get used unless the current time falls in between the start and expire time.
  • Max usage count Set a maximum number of hits a particular destination may receive before it is switched off.
  • Query Strings Now you can append query strings (i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com/url/rotator/portal_name?query_string and http://www.yourdomain.com/url/rotator/portal_name/query_string/) to Portal URLs and they will be passed to the Destination URLs. This can be a very useful feature.
  • Member signup script Optional script to let visitors signup to your rotator without requiring administrator assistance and features an image verification system to prevent automated signups. You can see this add-on script in use in the demo. (included free)
  • Price: Only $75.00 Incredible value for your money.

The CodeFu.net URL Rotator Script is truly the best answer for your link rotation needs.

Order Now for only $75
  1. Try out the URL Rotator demo here to be sure that the script has the features you are after.
  2. If you have any pre-sale questions feel free to contact us
  3. Ensure your hosting account supports Apache, PHP, and MySQL. If your site uses CPanel, you are good to go. The script uses ionCube decoding loaders (included in the package), so your server will need to support ionCube - if you are unsure it is usually safe to assume your server will support them as most servers do.
  4. Send payment using the form below. You will need to specify the domain name you would like the script licensed to, and the email address you would like it delivered to.
  5. Once payment has cleared we will email your licensed copy of the script along with installation instructions. This is usually done within 12hrs.
  6. If you are unsure wether you would be able to handle the installation yourself please check-out these Flash videos which walk you through the installation process.
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What customers say:

Unequivocally #1

"In 15+ years of conducting eCommerce we have never seen a script which works as flawlessly as yours. It is simply fantastic, there is no better word to describe it. Over the years we have probably purchased 1500-2000 scripts of all manner and design and I can unequivocally say that this script is #1, the best...unmatched.

I only wish you had more!

We monetized the program as well and when word gets out, we expect to turn a lofty profit from subscriptions as well as sales from other products we market directly on the site.

Touche' - Job well done!

Mark Matuszewski
CFO MacroNet International, LLC

Beneficial for Years and Years to Come

"The url rotator script is AWESOME; everyone I have told about it (family, friends and business associates) is totally amazed at what it can do! The 75 dollars I paid for the script and the additional $25 dollars I paid to have it professionally install, was well worth it.

The customer service I received from CodeFu.net was excellent! Each email I sent them regarding ordering and installation was answered promptly and in a friendly and professional manner. Within 24 hours of paying via PayPal, CodeFu.net had my script up and running.

The small investment I made for the url rotator script, will be beneficial to my online business for years and years to come! Thanks for everything CodeFu.net and best of luck!"

Clinton Strong

Best Investment For My Site

"I have been using your CodeFu.net Url Rotator for almost a year. It is the BEST $75 investment I've made in my Team 4 Income site!!!

Not only does the script function seemlessly, but the benefit of giving to my members a tool that they can use to promote as many programs and/or downlines as they need has been one of the reasons for the growth of my membership.

In addition, it has provided me with a tool in working with other Webmasters. One of the things I'm allowed to bring to the table is an account that helps them with their promotional efforts.

Another thing that has confirmed my opinion of the script is the fantastic service that you provide. Due to the growth of my site, it was necessary to change hosting services. When I ran into problems with the script at the new host, your quick response to my problem was appreciated more than words can tell.

If/When you develop additional scripts, I would be more than happy to consider them to improve my site with additional benefits to my members!!!

Thanks for an Excellent script!!!"

Steve Gingras

Very Easy to Install

"Got the software up and running ... great instructions, wonderful tutorial, made it very easy to install. In fact, this was the easiest script I've ever installed and the features you've included are wonderful and I think my club members will consider this a great new benefit."

Brenda Chapman

Your Program Is Phenomenal

"I applaud you on the user-friendliness of the system and tutorials, you have done a great job. Your program is phenomenal, and your support team is even better. This is going to save us so much time and effort."


Best Investment for My Team

"I have been using your CodeFu.net Url Rotator for 9 months. It is the single best investment I have made for my team. It is the best traffic distribution tool available."

Jared Stein

You Can Depend On It

"I purchased the codefu rotator script well over a year ago for my personal use. Since that time I have utilized it in major magazine campaigns that cost thousands of dollars. It's a rotator you can depend on! I've been so pleased that I now offer it to distributors in CoffeeFirst. Recently, I purchased a second codefu rotator for another business I am launching. The codefu rotator cannot be beat!"

Valerie Underhill
AGPCommunity.com MarketingPond.com

Great Customer Support

"You have an awesome software and even better customer service which is rare. People do notice the difference. Thank you."


Unprecedented Service

"The URL Rotator Script is great and it has got even better with v3.0.0. The multi-language support and the template-driven interface, made it very easy for me to stylize the look of the script after the look of my website. And your customer service is just unprecedented in it's kind."


Great Value For Money

"In my opinion the URL Rotator is one of the most useful tools any webmaster can buy. With the rotator you don't have to be led by the 'internet gurus' or anybody else anymore.

You can test your sales letters, headlines, and procedures in the most ideal way by rotating them within the same campaign (and under exactly the same circumstances). That gives you the ultimate tool to tweak and optimize your sales letters, and with that the capability to really improve your ROI.

I was amazed how extremely easy to use and configure this script is, and how well it is working. I had a lot of initial trouble to get the script working due to my hosting provider, but because of the excellent service that comes with the script it was up and running in no time. So, if you want value for your money.....buy this rotator."

Jan Somers

Head Is Spinning With The Possibilities

"The script is great and the instructions were invaluable. I had absolutely no problem setting it up and I have only limited knowledge of html. Even making the modifications was not too difficult. What a great product. My head is spinning trying to think of all the ways that I am going to use it to make money! Thank you for your great support and expediency."


I highly recommend Codefu to anyone

"We have been using Codefu for more than 2 years now. Codefu is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of our income. It is easy to use and understand - and extremely dependable. We have never had a problem with it.

Adrian is great to do business with and he's fast and courteous. I highly recommend Codefu to anyone needing a URL rotator script. With all the junk scripts people are selling now a days, it is refreshing to find one that delivers the goods.

Thanks Adrian!"

TJ Wagner
Media-Vibes LLC

I Would Recommend It To Anyone

"Thanks you so much for this software. I canít believe that myself, being a novice to website hosting was able to set this program up first time without any trouble at all. You have done a great job. It was a great feeling of relief to log-in and then create a new user account without a single problem. Do you have an affiliate program? I would recommend this software to anyone. Thanks again for a great program."

Frederick White

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